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Catering Menu

Red Chile with Machaca Beef

Half Tray: $85.00
Full Tray: $145.00

Green Chile with Machaca Beef (the most popular item)

Half Tray: $85.00
Full Tray: $145.00

Main Dishes

Half Tray feeds 30-40
Full tray feeds 40-50

Carne Asada with Pico De Gallo

Half Tray: $85.00
Full Tray: $145.00

Machaca Beef: prepared with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes

Half Tray: $85.00
Full Tray: $145.00

Grilled Chicken: prepared with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes

Half Tray: $85.00
Full Tray: $145.00

Carnitas: slowed cooked shredded pork

Half Tray: $85.00
Full Tray: $145.00


Cheese, Chicken or Machaca Beef rolled with two types of cheese (25 per tray)
Cheese $55.00
Machaca Beef or Grilled Chicken $85.00


Red Chile Beef or Green Corn prepared with Enchilada sauce on top
Half Tray $65.00
Full Tray $125.00


Blended cheese with pico de gallo
Med (20 slices) $40.00
Large (30 slices) $60.00

Stuffed Quesadillas:

Cheese with Green Chile, Carne Asada, Chicken or Machaca
Med (20 slices) $60.00
Large (30 slices) $80.00
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Mini Chimis:

Order as many as you like. They are more than a bite full $4.00 each
The mini Chimis can be served whole or cut in half
Your choice of filling, Green Chile, Chicken,Machaca Beef, Carne Asada or Beans
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Flautas (Rolled Tacos)

Rolled in corn tortillas, Machaca Beef or Chicken, Comes with Chips and Salsa 36 count $70.00

Chips: Flour or Corn

Half Tray (Feeds 10-15) $10.00
Full Tray (Feeds 20-30) $20.00

Spanish Rice: prepared with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers

Half Tray 30-40 $55.00
Full Tray 50-60$85.00

Beans: Refried or Pinto

Half Tray: $55.00
Full Tray: $85.00

Guacamole, Queso Dip, Salsa or Chunky Salsa:

Quart: $20.00
Gallon: $50.00

Flour Tortillas: ordered by the dozen only

Small 8 inch $7.50 per dozen
Large 14 inch $9.50 per dozen

For Catering information call (480) 653-8404